MadonnaSay what you like about Madonna, she doesn't look like she is 49. Not only that, she has permanently altered the way women over 40 are perceived and is tireless in her crusade. It's hard work and we know it: the ashtanga, the Callanetics, the Power Plate, the raw food diet, the trainer she shares with Gwyneth, the endless trips to the dermatologist (I think you know what I'm saying). Madonna puts in the hours, and that is why she looks so young. (PDF) Read article @ TimesOnline

Daily NewsCallanetics in the news...

It went out with leotards, shoulder pads and frizzy perms.

But Callanetics – the 1980s exercise sensation which promised to make you look ten years younger in ten hours – is making a comeback.

The resurgence has been fueled by celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson who incorporates it into her routines.

Read full article at Daily Times (pdf)

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