Callanetics EvolutionThe CallaneticsEvolution Body by Design Fitness Program introduces new exercises and training techniques. This revolutionary fitness program features three different types of muscle pulsing and unique body alignment principles that work together allowing you to design the body you've always wanted. You will experience the results of The CallaneticsEvolution exercises after just one hour, sitting straighter, standing taller, and soon taking your "skinny" jeans out of the closet!

Also included in this DVD! Callanetics Concepts teaches you the principles of the Callanetics Method which include the pelvic floor muscles and body alignment. And, Callanetics to Go shows you how to incorporate Callanetics into your everyday life.

Cardio CallaneticsCardioCallanetics is an energizing rhythmic workout that integrates ballet and yoga into a fluid and continuous low impact session. Consistent with the principles of The Callanetics Method developed by Callan Pinckney over twenty years ago, CardioCallanetics represents a non-traditional approach to aerobics. By using larger and more controlled ranges of motion your body recruits more muscle fibers causing more calories and fat to be burned! Following Cardio is the premiere of the CallaneticsEvolution Body By Design Toning Program. This revolutionary fitness program features new exercises and training techniques.

10 Years Younger in 10 HoursCallanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours was the first exercise program to be released and is America's #1-selling exercise video! Callan was waaaayy ahead of her time with this no-impact concept of exercising. People tried it and discovered it really worked. It wasn't an advertising campaign but word-of-mouth that catapulted this video to the top of the charts. This original 60-minute break-through workout has revolutionized the exercise world and to this day is still selling as strong as ever. The exercises are deceptively simple yet amazingly powerful. See why this program is already a classic.

Super CallaneticsSuper Callanetics is the second Callanetics program after Ten Years Younger in Ten Hours.  This supercharged follow-up is one and a half hours of advanced exercises where just one pulse is equal to 20 from the original.  A precise demonstration of these new movements is followed by an entire uninterrupted class.  So, take the next step to a more perfect body with Super Callanetics.

DVD Beginning CallaneticsBeginning Callanetics is the third Callanetics program to be released. The inspiration for this program came from the many letters Callan received from people who needed to learn the fundamentals of Callanetics at a slower pace. It's effective and easy to follow. This 30-minute workout is perfect for people starting out on the Callanetics exercise program or for those of you who feel thoroughly deconditioned or have experienced limitations in your range of motion. This introduction will gradually strengthen your body and allow you to progress to Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours.

am/pm Callaneticsam/pm Callanetics is a wonderful alternative if your schedule is too busy to set aside an entire hour at a time. The unique format presents you with morning and evening exercise sessions to shape you up quickly and safely - without bending your schedule out of shape. The video features two complete highly effective 20-minute workouts. The am session starts your day with a fast wake-up routine to gently energize, tone, and strengthen the entire body. The pm session helps you reduce stress at a day's end while working to rejuvenate and contour the body's muscles.

Quick Callanetics

The Quick Callanetics series allow you to concentrate on a specific area while still giving you a balanced overall 20-minute workout. Many fans have raved about the effectiveness of doing the 60-minute program once or twice a week and then complementing it with a QUICK workout an additional day or two.

Quick Callanetics - LegsQuick Callanetics - Legs Tired of those "thunder thighs"? Watch those flabby inner thighs tighten in a way you never thought possible. Your outer thighs, knees and calves will take on a shape that will having you shopping for shorts come summer! 20 minutes is all it takes! 

Quick Callanetics - Hips & BehindQuick Callanetics - Hips & Behind Do you want to see your "saddlebags" disappear and transform that pear-shaped "gooshy" behind into a tight perfect little peach? This 20-minute workout can make it happen! 

Quick Callanetics - StomachQuick Callanetics - Stomach Is it time to stop wearing baggy clothes and zip up your jeans without a struggle? This DVD will help you achieve that beautiful, strong, flat stomach you've always wanted. You'll be amazed at how fast it can happen with this 20-minute workout!


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